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MUN Delegate Resource page, your one-stop shop for all things Model United Nations. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced delegate, we have a range of guides to help you improve your skills and succeed in your next MUN conference. From the basics of MUN, like understanding the rules of procedure and how to research for your committee, to intermediate topics like effective representation of your country and diplomacy, to advanced strategies for winning Best Delegate and mastering the MUN endgame. We also have resources for double delegating and dealing with different types of delegates. Our MUN guides are designed to help you develop your skills and reach your full potential as a MUN delegate.

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How to write a MUN press release

A press release is an extremely useful communication tool and used by journalists and press teams all over the world yet many MUNers, both delegates and press core, do not use the press releases effectively. Proper use of a press release can really...

Model UN Resolution Template

Are you a Model United Nations (MUN) delegate struggling to draft a resolution for your upcoming conference? Look no further! We’re providing you with a free MUN Resolution template that you can use to help structure your document. This template...

MUN Crisis Rules of Procedure

What is a Crisis Committee? Crisis in Model United Nations is a simulation that changes in real time based on the actions and decisions of the participants. Participants submit written requests in the form of directives that can make changes in...