Whether you’re new to MUN, a veteran or a teacher, WiseMee have a variety of guides and online resources to achieve your MUN goals!
Need help deciding where to start? Here’s a list of our most popular articles.

Intro to MUN
From the Rules of Procedure to the basic components that make up Model UN, this is where to start your MUN journey.

Position Papers
Before every MUN conference, you need to write a Position Paper. Learn the strategy, do’s and don’t to write an award-winning MUN Position Paper.

Public Speaking
Public Speaking is at the forefront of MUN communication. Learn Speech Writing, Nuance and Speech Strategy and methods of delivery.

Learn where to look, what to focus on, how to write a position paper and how to organize it all in a way that best prepares you for MUN.

Learn how to write a MUN Resolution clause and the science of UN legal documents as you prepare your resolution for editing, reordering, mergers and amendments.


From delegate to chair and secretariat to teacher, each role in the MUN sphere is different, with challenges and rewards all it’s own. Whether you want delegate guides on lobbying, chair guides on study guide writing or instructions on how to start a club or organize a conference, WiseMee has a variety of resources to choose from.


Many skills are needed to be an award-winning delegate. Maximize your performance inside and outside of the committee through learning about Position Papers, opening speeches, writing resolutions, and more!

Chairing is a very different skillset from delegating. An amazing delegate doesn’t automatically become an amazing chair, and vice versa. As a chair, you are the one to make, or ruin, a delegate’s MUN experience. Chairing well is much more than running software or facilitating the procedure. Understand the deeper mechanics of how to chair and give your committee a much better experience.


MUN Club
Understand the mechanics of creating and maintaining strong MUN clubs, from drafting students to running weekly class to preparing an effective travel team.

MUN Conference
Perfect every element of running a MUN conference from choosing a secretariat, committees, and topics to marketing to planning the schedule and socials.

A home for MUN resources such as the Preambulatory and Operative phrases, MUN Rules of Procedure and more.

Learn how to prepare for, deliver and teach Model United Nations to your students. Create lesson plans and classes to help your students get the most of our Model UN.