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Whether a beginner MUNer or an experienced veteran, our online MUN training gives you the guidance you need to take your MUN skills to the next level.

The WiseMee MUN training program covers everything from position papers to public speaking and resolution writing to advanced lobbying and so much more. Our MUN trainers have over 22 years of global MUN experience in chairing, delegating, conference academics and teaching in school, universities; colleges around the globe.

Learn everything MUN when you need it!

WiseMee MUN training is not a substitute for in-person MUN classes and simulations. Our training will give you the extra guidance to go along with your in-person simulations in your MUN club and at MUN conferences.

If you want to learn from MUN leaders, this is the training program for you.

No matter what MUN level you are at, our training will help you improve your MUN skill-sets and give you the tools you need to take your MUN abilities to the next level.

Excelling in MUN without guidance is Very Tough

We cover everything from the ABC’s of MUN all the way to advanced MUN strategies.

Intro to MUN

Start off on the right foot. Learn the basic steps to hit the ground running at your club and conference!

MUN Strategy

MUN is about much more than knowing the Rules of Procedure! Finding the right strategy for your country and the committee could be tricky at times.

MUN Conference Prep

Reading the study guide is an important step, but far from the only one. You need a position paper, opening speech, fact sheet and more to carry you through.

Leading MUN Trainers

Our team has experts in every discipline of MUN. Our trainers have decades of MUN experience.

Negotiation Training

You can’t win MUN alone and need to work with others. When you meet the other block, chances are, they will want something. If you can’t negotiate, you will not get the deal you where looking for.

MUN Leadership Training

MUN gives you many opportunities for leadership. You can lead your committee, club or conference. Our guides written by experts will help you perfect the process.

MUN training to take your MUN skills to the next level

MUN Training Like Never Before
With Our In-depth MUN Training Lessons

In Depth Training Modules

Training Videos

Words of support content

MUN training can be a mess telling you to pass a resolution or give a good speech without explaining the steps of how to do it. This results in teachers, coaches, and friends writing speeches for delegates or giving them strategies they don’t understand or find hard to execute.

With our video courses, you will get access to lessons from top MUN trainers that are tried, tested and work across the globe.

Our methods are being used by high school and university teams all over the world.
Our systems take delegates with no prior background and have them winning awards within months, some by their first conferences.

Using our techniques, you and your MUN society will gain a deeper understanding of the components of Model United Nations with real-life techniques you can apply to any country, topic and position within a Model UN conference!

Be prepared for your next MUN conference
Have the MUN skills needed to succeed

Writing an opening speech is cool.

Writing a killer opening speech is cooler.

Watching your research, speech, and clause writing quality increase while the time to do so decreases.

This is more than MUN tips, this is an entire way of thinking MUN!

Our comprehensive training touches on the most basics of MUN, all the way to the most advanced strategies giving you a deeper understanding to support better performance.

One Stop Online MUN Training
With Our Videos/Templates And more

Reach your MUN potential. We work hard to keep the WiseMee MUN training portal up-to-date with all the MUN training you will ever need.

We make MUN fun

We strive to have fun while helping the MUN community.

WiseMee team – creators of the hit MUN video Model UN Style. 

Who Is This Course For?

MUN Delegates

If you are a MUN beginner, this training will give you a big leg up on jump-starting your MUN journey. This course will give you the tools to build your MUN skillets faster than ever.

MUN Chairs

No matter how much MUN Chairing experience you might have this training will give you the insights you need to take your chairing to a new level.

MUN Conference Staff

Running a MUN conference is not simple. Get the right people in the right place to have a MUN conference to write home about.

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