MUN Delivery Cues

Improve The Delivery Of Your MUN Public Speaking

Take your speech delivery to next level! Get that extra bump from the amazing MUN speech you spent hours preparing!

MUN Delivery Cues might be when you need to improve your delivery!

What Are Delivery Cues?

A delivery Cue is a marker that notes how you should modify the tonality, speed, pauses and more in your speech. Effective use of your tone of voice and strategic pauses can help drive your message across your MUN Committee. Using Delivery Cues will help you maximize delivery while eliminating the need for relying on memory alone.

You should use whatever Delivery Cues you want. You are not obligated to use the exact Delivery Cues shown in this article. What’s most important is that you recognize your Delivery Cures in real-time.

Examples of MUN Delivery Cues:

Why Delivery Cues Are Important

Having a speech with amazing ideas, strong policy, and killer content can all be lost if delivered poorly. As a delegate you may be distracted by, writing notes, jotting down ideas, passing notes all while listening to others all at the same time. Having delivery cues on your speech will help you have peace of mind when you stand up to give your speech.

Delivery cues can do wonders to improve your MUN opening speech, GSL speech, and a moderated caucus speech (if you have the time to jot in a few marks). Delivery Cues not only improve your delivery it also enhances your public speaking skills without taking energy or effort from other parts of MUN that may need your attention .

  Delivery Cues Used in Sample MUN Speech


MUN Delivery Cues are useful to delegates from Brazil in the World Health Organization to France in the United Nations Security Council.

Our Delivery Cues are a starting point to improve your MUN public speaking and find the special combination to best enhance what your speeches and style. The most important thing is that you recognize your Delivery Cues in real time. Just like everything in MUN, practice makes perfect. Get used to using your Delivery Cues, the more you do so, the quicker you will be able to make impromptu speeches using the same stylistic elements you are now used to thanks to using the cues.

That will take your presentation to a whole other level.