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Skilled Model UN professionals teaching to inform, advise and inspire the next generation of MUN students and future leaders.


MUN Certificates

Certifications are designed to show your understanding of the topic. 

Online Studies

Online Studies

Online MUN study programs for delegates, teachers, & secretariat.

20+ Years of Excellence

20+ Years of Excellence

Created by some of the most experienced MUNers in the world.


Basic MUN Training

Basic MUN Skills

Delegate MUN Training

Check out our guides on the core concepts for a MUN delegate. From the first speech to running a conference, everything you need to excel at Model UN.

Intermediate & Advanced 

Advanced delegate, chair or teacher

Take your MUN to the next level. Check out our courses and workshops, designed to help you improve your skills and be a better delegate, chair, teacher or conference organizer.

Self Learning Guides

Online Self Paced

WiseMee gives you the MUN training and tools you need to learn at your own time at your own pace.

Online MUN Training!

WiseMee provides courses, articles and conference support for university and high school Model United Nations MUN teams, as well as individual delegates. In addition to supporting the MUN delegates also provides MUN training programs & materials for MUN coaches teachers.

Learn with WiseMee

Travel The World With Confidence

MUN opens up some amazing opportunities to travel the world while going to a MUN conference.  

Increase Your Job Opportunities

MUN is a High School/College extracurricular activity, we will show you how MUN can open doors in the workforce. 

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

Learning about the United Nations and representing countries from around the globe will help open your world perspective.

Become a Better Learner

Getting good at MUN is a learning process. Our goal at WiseMee is to give you the tools and training to become a better learner no matter the topic (let’s start with MUN).

Business Travel & Communication

The skills you learn in MUN are applicable in business and professional communication. 

Speak With More People

Whether MUN, politics or business, it’s not always about what you know rather who you know. We help you grow your network and meet new people.  

Popular Courses

Online MUN training

MUN Training

If you are a MUN beginner, WiseMee training will give you a leg up on jump-starting your MUN journey. We will give you the tools to build your MUN skill sets faster than ever.

MUN Guidance

MUN Leadership Training

Understand the mechanics of creating and maintaining strong MUN clubs, from drafting students to preparing a weekly class to prepare an effective travel team.

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Over 20 Years of MUN Experience

Learn for the leaders in the world of MUN.


Over 72,527 Delegates & Teachers Using WiseMee

There are new MUNers using WiseMee training every day.


Always Online

Get your training at any time zone just a click away.


World-Class Educators

We have thought thousands of students around the globe.

Learn MUN From anywhere

Online Learning

If you are a beginner MUNer or an experienced veteran, WiseMee online MUN training will give you the guidance needed to take your MUN skills to the next level.

About US

Our Story

We’re the guys behind WiseMee. We share what we’ve learned as delegates, chairs, conference organizers and years of MUN training. WiseMee is the training we wish we had when we started MUN. We provide actionable, fluff-free MUN training. We made WiseMee to help people like you to get the most of Model UN.


MUN Guides


MUN Courses

What Our Students Say

WiseMee is my go-to for every conference. I used WiseMee as a delegate and then used WiseMee to turn my club into an award-winning society. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the MUN guides.

Sander A

High School Senior


Teaching students MUN has become a lot easier since I discovered WiseMee. This is an essential resource for anyone without a MUN background.

Barbara O


Our Online Training

Online MUN Guides

WiseMee has been working for years in order to make the leading MUN resource on the web.

We hope you enjoy our guides and stay tuned since there are more on the way.

Missing a MUN Guide?

We are working hard on covering all over the aspects of MUN from the very basic working of MUN down to the most advanced strategies. Do you think we are still missing a vital guide?
Let us know and we will add it to our list.

Want MUN Help?

We work with education instructions around the globe. No matter if you want in-person training, live streaming class or online training we have you covered. Reach out to us and let’s talk.

Frequently Asked

Can you come to teach MUN at my school?

We offer MUN training worldwide and look forward to discussing MUN with you. Please reach out to us through our “Contact Us” page.

Is this training good for MUN teachers?

We offer delegates and teacher MUN courses. Our teacher MUN training equips educators with year-round MUN support.

Do you have a mun conferences calendar?

An MUN conference calendar is coming soon : )

Can the WiseMee staff write my Position Paper?

No, we do not write MUN position papers and never will. This is why we have a very in-depth guide on how to write a MUN position paper : ) (feel free to contact us if there is anything unclear about our guides : )”

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WiseMee is a resource created by some of the most experienced Model UNers in the world for the MUN community. With the experience of over 500 conferences between the delegates, chairs, coaches, teachers, and secretariat who contribute to this site WiseMee strives to be the best online resource available to the global Model UN community.

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