About WiseMee

WiseMee is an educational resource created by experienced Model United Nations trainers and academic staff. With over 500 MUN conferences attended between the coaches, chairs, and secretariat who contribute to WiseMee.

WiseMee strives to be the best online resource available to the global Model UN community.

WiseMee provides workshops, conference support and, training programs for high schools and university Model United Nations teams, as well as support for teachers and coaches of those programs. WiseMee continues to be a resource for the global Model UN Community.

Providing all the tools needed to succeed at Model United Nations to give students the skills to excel in today’s world.

Learning Skill Through Model United Nations

While schools and universities work to improve the teaching of real and social sciences, many of the skills needed to succeed in the working world are still missing. From research to presentation to critical thinking, Model United Nations provides a platform to develop those skills through simulated practice.

Model UN is easy to learn and difficult to master. Proper coaching and quality resources help students to improve their MUN skills, many mun programs don’t have trainers, other schools have teachers who may not be so formula with MUN.

We believe that getting the correct good habits early on can give you the right tools to not only excel at Model UN rather also keep those skills and use them to become a more effective communicator and leader at the later stages in life. Model UN not only teaches about the world we live in or how to speak about it. Model UN is also a platform to learn how to engage with and persuade, real people and form relationships. It is striking this balance between academic and interpersonal that we strive to give all who are interested. In the age of the internet, we believe that everyone who wants to learn and improve should have the opportunity, and we want to make those tools available to anyone who is willing.

The WiseMee Team is the proud creator of Model UN Style and One Vote More. We plan on making many more fun MUN Videos and education videos as well

WiseMee Founders

Co-Founder & COO

Daniel Gindis

Daniel has two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s in Communications and Business. Along with his active role in the Model UN community, Daniel is the co-founder of the popular Model UN website WiseMee.com. Daniel is also the star of the popular MUN Parody video “Model UN Style”.

Co-Founder & CMO

David Miles

David Miles has been an active Model UNer since 2011.  David won numerous MUN awards and founded a MUN society. David has been secretariat at Model UN conferences across Europe, India, Israel, and more.  David also works in digital marketing, with over a decade of successful experience building online businesses.

We started WiseMee to help enrich the MUN experience for students and educators around the globe. 

WiseMee Team