Types of Model United Nations Gavels - Full List

Types of Model United Nations Gavels – You Might Have Missed

MUN gavels are just like any other gavel it is a ceremonial mallet most of the are made of hardwood, typically fashioned with a handle and often struck against a solid block to make a sound. In contrast, a Golden Gavel is when a delegate gets with their chair and get the best delegate award. While the later gavel is not encouraged or endorsed, we wondered if there were any other types of gavels in the Model United Nations world. After all, the New York Times article written by Anjli Parrin clearly leaves out the wide plethora of gavels available and is something the following list seeks to remedy.

Types of MUN Gavels

Gavel (Noun)

A small mallet used by the presiding officer to signal for attention or order.

To Gavel (Verb)

To chair (a legislative session, meeting, convention, etc.) to request or maintain (order at a meeting) or put into effect by striking a gavel.

Best Delegate Gavel

The physical gavel you get when you win best delegate (the right way).


To schmooze other delegates before the conference starts.

Golden Gavel

When you get with your Chair and win Best Delegate.

Bronze Gavel

When you get with your Vice Chair and get Honorable Mention.

Air Gavel

When you get with your Chair and later discover the conference doesn’t have awards.

Rubber Gavel

Be careful, this large hard rubber thing may not be a gavel.

Platinum Gavel

When you get with a member of the secretariat. (Unclear why this is platinum as the only thing you win is bragging rights).

Think we missed some gavels? Write in and we will add them.