MUN Rules and Procedures Template Download PDF

So you want to run a MUN simulation at your club or conference and looking for MUN Rules and Procedures Template you came to the right place.

What is the WiseMee ROP template good for?

  • Practices at your MUN club
  • MUN Conference
  • MUN Training.

If you’re looking for an in-depth 16+page MUN Rules of Procedure (RoP) which is to the point and not too complex, download our MUN RoP template right here and get started!

We regularly update our RoP and keep it easy to use and accessible to everyone at all levels of MUN. Feel free to download and use our RoP to your MUN needs.

  1. Rules Of Procedure (RoP) – Explained
  2. Why a Clear RoP is Important
  3. Are all Rules of Procedure the same?
  4. Things to consider

Rules Of Procedure (RoP) – Explained

he MUN RoP is followed to maintain decorum and order during the course of a MUN conference. These rules and procedures are put in place to facilitate an effective and structured debate. It is very important for each and every delegate to understand the rules and procedures in order to make the most of their MUN conference experience. 

Don’t worry, if you find the rules and procedures seem a tad confusing. It’s ok.
Everything will become more clear as the committee session progresses. Practice makes perfect, and if you have any questions along the way, our RoP template is here to clarify and help you along the way.

Why a Clear RoP is Important?

Parliamentary procedure can seem confusing for participants new to MUN. The rules can seem complex or wordy. The meaning of each set of rules can seem strange.
This is why the rules need to be explained in a clear and to the point manner. Both chairs and teachers need to know the rules to be able to explain them to participants. The first exposure is especially important.

Are all Rules of Procedure the same?

Not at all. While the essence is usually the same, some RoP may differ significantly.