Model United Nations Tools & Resources - Ultimate List

MUN Resources & Tools – Ultimate List

With so many tools and software systems we can use for MUN, we put together this list of MUN tools and resources. In this MUN tools list, you will find tools for MUN Delegates, Chairs, Conferences organizers and Teachers. As there are always new tools being developed for MUNers and will update this list to reflect some of the new tools.

Yes, we know that some of the tools in our list can be used for other things besides MUN. Still, we are here to show you how you might use these systems to take your MUN to the next level.


MUN Prep

  • MUN CV – Track your MUN conferences and what awards you won in a MUN CV, just as you would do with a CV when applying for a job.  Your MUN CV is helpful when applying for any MUN position from delegating, chairing and secretariat positions throughout your MUN career.
  • Folder – You can store all of your participation awards and signed Packards in a neat folder at home. There are many reasons to visit this folder from using the material in future creations to take a stroll down memory lane.
  • Toastmasters – Public speaking activities may not be considered a tool in the physical sense. That being said, improving your public speaking will elevate your MUN skill sets.

Delegate Conference Prep

  • Google – Google can be a good place to start your MUN research as it has access to a lot of information.  When searching, it’s good to start broad and slowly narrow down your search terms to more long-tail terms. 
  • Wikipedia – While Wikipedia is a crowdsourced platform, you may not be able to use it directly as a credible source. The true value in this site is the ability to get a quick intro to any country or topic and if you need a credible source please refer to the true source on the bottom of each Wikipedia page. (Add image of what a source link looks like)  
  • Google Maps – Are you going to a MUN conference aboard or anywhere you may not be familiar with? The last thing you want is to be late for your MUN committee because you got lost by taking a wrong turn.
  • Stopwatch – This is nice to have before the conference so you can time your opening speeches to ensure your chair doesn’t cut you off because you went overtime. Remember, the most common opening speech time is 60-90 seconds. Be sure to email your chair to confirm the default open speech time. 
  • Recorder – Record some of your speeches before, and during the MUN conference. This will give you a good way to reflect on your speeches and make sure you delivered your points and call to action well.
  • Google Drive – Having your research-backed up on the cloud will always make sure your documents are accessible.
  • Google Docs – A great way to write a resolution together with other delegates instead of crowding around one computer.
  • USB drive – While it may feel good to have your info on the cloud, always have a backup. Some places in the world may not have the most reliable internet.
  • CIA World Factbook – It’s always handy to have access to facts about almost anything to do with a country. The data is updated often and a great to refer to during the MUN conference
  • MUN APP – There are some nifty apps to help you stay on top of your MUN game. Just go into Google Play and the App Store and search for MUN.
  • Cologne & Deodorant  – MUN is all about interaction with people, no matter how good your speech is if you don’t smell good some people may not want to work with you.
  • Backup Clothing – No matter how much you plan, always have a backup. Don’t let your chair call you out from not having a tie.
  • Research Binder – A great place to keep your papers and notes.
  • Position Paper – A helpful tool to sort facts and organize thoughts and prepare for further MUN steps, even if the MUN conference doesn’t require it.



  • Gavel – Having a gavle in your committee room will improve your MUN immersive experience by using the gavel when delegates are out of order or to inform delegates that they have run out of time during their speech. 
  • Proper MUN Attire – If you require delegates to have a suit and tie you better make sure you look the part. Lead by example.  
  • Computer/Laptop – There are multiple reasons you want to make sure you have a computer handy as a chair. 1) Running the MUN software, like WXMUN or ChairMUN. 2) Taking notes about the delegate’s performance and speeches. 
  • Pen and Paper – Always have a backup way to take notes. A pen and paper is a good sealable way to take notes as chair during committee sessions. Don’t rely on the conference to provide this (although many confances do give out a notebook and pen) 
  • Delegate Tracking Sheet – There is no one one way to track the delages performance. Still, have a system you can use to document what the clash is in the room and which delegates are leading the conversation.
  • Comfortable Shoes – Part of the job of being a MUN Chair is to walk about the committee during the unmoderated couscous; listen in to what the delegates are talking about and take notes on what delegates are leading the discussion.

Charing Software

  • Wxmun – One of the oldest and most reliable MUN software in circulation.
  • MUN Coordinate – A multifaceted software that has many other features besides the traditional speaker clock.
  • ChairMUN – A reliable cloud-based chairing software that saves the information between committee sessions. The paid version allows for customization and delegate statistics.

MUN Conference


  • WordPress – If you have to host for a website then the most common platform to have your mun conference site running on is WordPress.
  • Wix –  Over the years we have seen many more MUN conferences using Wix as a simple and easy free alternative to having a website form their MUN conference.

Social Media

  • Facebook – Having a Facebook page is a great way to get more delegates to come to your conference. 
  • Twitter – Over the past few years we have seen more and more MUN conferences very active on twitter. 
  • Instagram – This is one of the best platforms for sharing photos before the conference and during the conference. We have seen many mun conferences with a very big Instagram following and attract delegates around the globe with their Instagram following alone.

Pre-conference Registration

  • Google Forms – This is one of the most commonly used tools to make a simple registration form online. 
  • MyMUN – Although some conferences may have a love-hate relationship with platforms dedicated to MUN registration, MYMUN has become a leader at all in one solution for MUN registration for conferences. 
  • Eventbrite – Eventbrite is a leading event management platform that gives you all the tools you need to run your MUN conference of any size. Still, you will need to customize each part of the regulation process. 
  • Wix Events – Wix is a very powerful tool for setting up a website and they also offer event management that is a bit simple at best but could serve your needs if all you need is a basic ticketing system.
  • MUNCommand – They do not yet have a full conference regulation in their system but they are working hard on catering to this need within the MUN community. So we hope in the near future they will come out with a powerful tool that can be used for conference regulation and so much more.

Payment Processing

  • PayPal – One of the most well known online payment methods. Very reliable for money transfers and works in most countries in the world. Paypal is a widely accepted payment system for many MUN conferences.
  • Stripe – Over the past few years we have seen more and more MUN conferences accepting credit card payment using Stripe. – Remember, if your conference is listed as a nonprofit (many conferences are) you can get a very nice discount from stipe.
  • Venmo – Venmo is mostly known in the USA, so if you are running a  conference based in the USA you may want to look into accepting Venmo for your MUN conference. 

Online MUN Conference – Video  

  • Zoom – This video platform seems to be the video conference platform of choice for online MUN’s around the globe. Mostly due to their server reliability and that most of the delegates have already used the platform in the past. 
  • MUNPal – the platform is one of the few that was put together when all the MUN conferences were going online. That is a platform dedicated to online MUN’s. While MUNPal is not a video platform it supports the online mun experience and gives a bunch of tools to take online mun to a new level. 
  • Eyeson – A simple lightweight video conferencing platform that is really good if you have delegates from countries that may have slower internet speeds.
  • BigBlueButton – many schools already have this system set up on their school servers so ask your school if you could use your install of Big Blue Button to run your mun.
  • Google Meet – A free and easily available platform that works pretty well and has no time limit for the time until March 2021.



  • Helpful MUN Resources – Have a list of supporting articles for the student so they can read more about MUN and prep for the upcoming classes.
  • MUN Software – Have one program to run your simulations like WxMUN or ChairMUN. Not only will using such programs help you run your MUN, your delegates will become familiar with what the software looks like and how it works so they can run debates as well. My personal MUN Software favorites are WxMUN and ChairMUN.
  • Model United Nations Teacher Workshops – As a teacher, you may have not done MUN during your school years so it’s good to go to a MUN workshop and conference while teaching or better yet before teaching MUN.
  • Yearly MUN Curriculum – Have an outline of what classes you will be teaching and when, this will ensure you cover all the skillset training needed to pass along to your delegates.
  • MUN Exercises – MUN related classroom exercises can be a fun and informative way to work on specific MUN skills and take a break from traditional MUN classes.
  • MUN Support – A relatable resource/website/person you can ask a MUN related question you don’t know how to answer.
    You can always drop us a line to ask any MUN related questions – WiseMee is here to support our fellow MUN teachers.


  • Committee room location – Knowing where each committee is to find your delegates is very important. If the conference does not provide such a resource you should make your own list.
  • Whatsapp Group – A great communication channel to reach all your students at the same time. This is especially useful at MUN conferences to send updates and notifications about schedule and meeting times.
  • List of contact numbers – Very important for students to have a list of emergency contacts in case they get separated from the group.