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Letter From Teachers to Administration to make a MUN Program

Dear Principal Roberta Janes,

I would like to create a Model United Nations Team at Horizon High School. I believe this would be a great way to enhance the student experience here while also helping improve the school’s prestige.

The Model UN is the largest extracurricular in the world and has a long and proud history. Students involved gain valuable skills in public speech, knowledge of current events, research skills, argumentation, negotiation and critical thinking. Throughout the year the students will practice these activities through guided simulations.

Students will have a chance to interact with those who have similar interests in the school while learning about the global community. More and more, today’s world requires more from graduates and further knowledge about the world, the ability to work with others and to present well would be a great beginning for them.

As you know, neighboring Lakeview High started a Model UN team last year. They won awards at other conferences and got compliments from the parents on how happy and engaged their children were. This could be us!

I would like to discuss this idea, the costs and other considerations with school administration. Please let me know when would be a good time to do so. Thank you.

Robert Langley