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Choosing a MUN Study Guide Topic


Model United Nations (MUN) is a great platform for students to develop their public speaking, critical thinking, and research skills. As a chairperson, it is your responsibility to ensure that the conference is successful. One of the most important elements of a successful conference is the study guide. In this article, we will explore the basics of a how to choose a study guide topic for a Model UN conference.

What is a Model UN Study Guide

A Model UN study guide is a document that outlines the key themes, issues, and background information on a particular topic. It is provided to the delegates before the conference and serves as a resource for research and preparation. A good study guide provides delegates with a foundation of knowledge about the topic and up to date data to help guide the delegate’s research.

Why is a study guide important

A study guide is a crucial importance because it helps delegates to prepare and understand the topic they will be debating. A study guide provides delegates with the necessary background information to formulate their policy proposals and arguments. It also ensures that all delegates have the same level of understanding and knowledge about the topic.

Who writes study guides

Chairs  – The study guide is usually written by the chairs of a committee. Sometimes, the secretariat writes the guides. In a few cases, there is a team dedicated to writing the study guides. It is essential to ensure that the study guide is well-researched and unbiased. If unsure about information, experts should be consulted.

What to consider when choosing a topic

Choosing the right topic is crucial to the success of the conference. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a topic.

Relevance: The topic should be relevant to current global issues and events. Delegates should be able to relate to the topic and feel passionate about it.

Example: The impact of COVID-19 on global trade.

Complexity: The topic should be complex enough to encourage critical thinking and research. It should challenge delegates to come up with innovative solutions.

Example: Climate change and its impact on small island developing states.

Timeliness: The topic should be timely and address current issues that require urgent attention.

Example: The humanitarian crisis in Syria and the impact on neighboring countries.

Controversy: The topic should have multiple perspectives and be controversial enough to encourage debate.

Example: The use of artificial intelligence in military operations.

Committee mandate: The topic should be something that MUN committee that is being simulated can do, both in its mission and resources.

Example: Sudan has a civil conflict and the UN needs to decide if to send aid. SOCHUM, the Social Humanitarian committee would be responsible for that.

How to write a study guide

There are many parts to writing a study guide. It includes providing a brief introduction to the topic and its significance. Outlining the key themes and issues related to the topic. Providing historical context and background information and providing resources for further research and reading.

You can find them in our full article for chairs on how to write a MUN study guide!


In conclusion, choosing the right topic for a Model UN study guide is essential to the success of the Model United Nations you’re chairing. The topic should be relevant, complex, timely, and controversial. As a chairperson, it is your responsibility to write a well-researched and unbiased study guide that provides delegates with the necessary background information to formulate their policies and arguments. By following these tips, you can ensure a successful and engaging conference.